Friday, May 20, 2011

One Weekend Dinner Meal

So lately I've been very busy with life and husband was very busy with work. We didn't have much time to spend together on the weekdays and so one weekend, he decided to come up with a dinner menu that we've never tried before. He wanted some shark. I wanted something with coconut. And so, our dinner meal was created. We had seared shark fillets with a lemon grass sweet sauce topped with stir fry cole slaw. I also made coconut filled bread rolls and monkey bread as a dessert. Sadly, everything I made came from the top of my head and I didn't write down the recipes. It turned out very delicious. That shark was great with the lemon grass sauce and the cole slaw gave it a nice, healthy crunch.

shark fillets with lemon grass sauce and cole slaw
I seared the shark fillets with just salt and pepper

lemon grass sauce: minced lemon grass, diced onions, and sweet dark soy sauce
cole slaw: cole slaw, salt, pepper, soy sauce

 Coconut Bread Rolls
basic yeast bread recipe
coconut filling: egg, shredded coconut, honey

soft doughy bread rolls filled with warm sweet coconut

Monkey Bread
Pizza dough recipe
Sugar, cinnamon, and brown sugar

when it's done baking, flip it upside down and let all the syrup run down
my husband's new favorite junk food and he doesn't like cinnamon


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