Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fawm Kauv/Steamed Rolls

Fawm kauv or steamed rolls is my husband's favorite. Probably because it's filled with just meat. I can only enjoy it with a side of a really good pepper sauce. I do love it because it's really easy and simple to make. It's a simple snack that everyone enjoys, but takes some patience to make. I've been making steamed rolls every since I was in my teens and we had always bought the premade package mix. However, this time, I made everything from scratch because I didn't have a bag of the premade package mix. The flours are really simple and I came across this recipe through a mistake. I was actually trying to make something else that uses the same kind of flours, but it didn't turn out right. Instead of wasting the flour batch, I decided to steam it since the mixture is similar to the steamed roll mixture. It turned out nice, but might have turned out better if I actually steamed it instead of using a frying pan. Making steamed rolls in a frying pan is the way I grew up doing it and it's definitely a lot easier. However, since I've been experimenting, I've actually steamed them and they turn out a lot better. I'm still working on this recipe because this was my first time making them from scratch (which was by mistake). Therefore, I don't actually have the accurate recipe for this. All I know is that it uses glutinous rice flour and rice flour plus water and a dash of salt. You can add a bit of oil, but I can't remember if I did.

I had some mistakes with this experiment. The flour mixture was a bit too thick and the texture was a little bit off. I added more water, but it still didn't turn out perfectly. Nevertheless, it was still delicious. My husband ate them all. He even packed them to work which he never wants to pack food to work. I obviously enjoyed them since I made a delicious spicy pepper sauce to dip them in. Here's the pepper sauce recipe.

I promise I will have a recipe soon from scratch. Feel free to go ahead and buy the premade steam rolls mixture. They work great too, but some packages have soil in them. This is why I'd like to make it from scracth. Besides, I was bored and I always like to know the ingredients that goes into such a simple, but delicious snack. Sorry....recipe coming soon!


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