Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here's what to come...

Over the years, I've been experimenting on recipes and coming up with my own twists on everyday favorites. After all the hard work and some disappointments, they have made a hit. I have tons of people asking for my recipes and my secret ingredient, but it was a hassle looking for them all so I decided a blog would be best. After many attempts of creating a blog and then deleting them...a good friend of mine (Mai Nyia Lee) encouraged me to create one and keep it for good. So...I'll be looking forward to posting up new recipes and old ones. Please be patient, however, due to the fact that there's just not enough time during a day for me to find all my old recipes and post them up.

A little background info on me: I've been cooking since I could last remember. Been inspired to cook by my oldest brother who was always cooking up all kinds of stir fry. As I got older, I realized that cooking isn't just for the belly but the soul. When I cook, my mind goes on a high and I get inspired by all the simple ingredients around me. I started taking culinary classes and fell in love with all the techniques and amazing dishes that you can make with just two hands. My dream is to have my own restaurant one day or atleast be the head chef of a restaurant. I love to combine ingredients from different backgrounds and I love sharing my experiments with the world. I'm just a simple girl who loves to cook, eat, and everything in between =)


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