Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homemade Noodles

It was a weekend and I was in the cooking mooding. Sadly, there was nothing for me to cook and I was craving for some noodles. I had this idea to make noodles out of a recipe that I use to create dumplings. With some alternations, it turned out very good. Chewy noodles, kind of like chinese hand-pulled noodles. Sadly, I did not write down the recipe,but I'll be working on this recipe in the future to perfect it and share it with the world. I know flour, water, and egg was used.

                                                      "home made and hand made"

I boiled the noodles for a few minutes and add it to a soy sauce broth.
Added sriracha sauce and was delish!


lady sophia said...

OOo, this looks really good Lisa!

Belle Lisa said...

Thanks tasted great too. Really wish I wrote down the recipe though.

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